about STEPS


We believe that Work is Hope.  To get clean and sober, and to stay that way, requires real work,  a strong commitment to change and the hope for a better life.  STEPS is a place where you become an active member of our community on a 24/7 basis. Our success rate speaks for itself.

We believe that the addict/alcoholic must take responsibility for themselves to return to their families and become a fully functioning member of our society. At Steps, our intentional community provides addicts, alcoholics and their families with a safe and caring place to learn a new way of life.

We offer programs and services that support recovery of body, mind and spirit.  The bulk of our staff are in recovery themselves so are keenly aware of both the challenges, and the possibilities for each addict or alcoholic.  And as addiction is a family disease, we work closely with family members and others directly affected by the addiction.  Our intentional community teaches our way of life by example, while providing long term, sustainable support.


We provide a framework to help those who want to help themselves recover from addiction.  From the earliest days of counselling, we offer real help and real support to make real changes.  All of our programs work together to heal the body, mind and spirit.

At our Steps Recovery Centre in Newmarket,  we have created a vital and dynamic community.

Here you will find:

The Cornerstone Club gives clients a safe place to come whenever they need.  Our regularly scheduled social events – Euchre Night,  Super Bowl Party, provide a healthy new lifestyle alternative to those in recovery and for their families.  At Steps, we fully support the 12-Step Model for recovery and offer a 12 Step Meetings for a variety of fellowships throughout the week.  We also welcome our active volunteers – please contact us for more information.

We provide one-on-one, group and family counselling.  Our trained professionals work with the medical and recovery communities to assist everyone in finding their best solution for care.

Our Life Skills and Employment programs and job placement assistance have helped hundreds of people in our community get back on their feet.  This wonderful six week program is mandatory for our clients living at the Steps Ranch, and is offered free of charge to anyone in our community who has been affected by addiction.

Our Men’s Residential Recovery Centre is located outside of Kettleby.  At the Ranch our slogan is “Work is Hope”.  Our three month program is for those who have garnered some clean time, are able to work,  and are ready to learn how to live a life free of drugs and alcohol.


Our standards are very high. We define a successful graduate as one who is:

  • Clean and sober
  • Employed/in school/in job related activity
  • Giving back in some way/no longer “taking” from society
  • Active in their 12 Step community

There are three basic reasons for our success:

A)  We are not a profit-making venture, we are very selective with people who are accepted into our community. They must be willing and able to do that which is required to get sober, and stay sober.

B)  Unlike standard short term  treatment programs, our three month stay is long enough to reinforce new habits and establish strong connections in the local 12 Step Community.  Our approach is not about teaching someone a new way of living, it’s about showing them how to live every day, 24/7.

C) Our alumni are strongly encouraged to maintain their connection to STEPS and stay engaged with our community. Not only do we rely on their volunteering and support, their presence gives hope to the current guests that change is possible.


The vast majority of our operating funds comes through our own efforts and the generous support of our community.  Your help can make a real difference. To find out how, please click here.