After care Program

Aftercare Program                                      $8,000 for a year / $700 for a month

Aftercare programs are great for recovering addicts/alcoholics because they provide continuing guidance and support during the person’s attempt to reintegrate into society.

This program offers counseling, job assistance and many other helpful programs to ensure relapse prevention and to give the individual a sense that they are not alone.

During their treatment at the ranch, counselors work with our clients to help them make a plan for remaining clean and sober after they complete the program.  Part of this plan will be an aftercare program that can help the individual remain on the right track in the outside world.

Aftercare programs such as our One-Year Aftercare program can help a person avoid relapse.  They are the final step in treatment and this needs to be completed just like any other stage in treatment.

The STEPS Aftercare program will consist of a weekly group facilitated by an experienced counsellor who helps guide clients in their recovery efforts, assisting them in meeting goals contained in there continuing aftercare plans.

Participation in these scheduled sessions is an opportunity to share with others and gain support and advice from them.

Many of the recovering addicts and alcoholics in aftercare programs form lasting friendships with each other.  Since they have similar experiences with addiction they know about the struggles and can offer the right amount of encouragement when it is most needed.

Aftercare is a forum where clients may explore successes, obstacles and day to day issues that confront them, receiving feedback and support from the group facilitator and other participants.

The aftercare program is designed to provide ongoing support in the form of structured activities for clients.