Cook it Up

Cook It Up Program                                          $27,000 for a year / $2,250 for a month

The Cook it up! Program is an all year long cooking program for the client in recovery that focuses on food education, nutrition, menu planning, budgeting, grocery shopping, and food preparation and cooking.

The primary objective of Cook it up! Is to provide education and to increase skills and awareness of agriculture, healthy eating, food preparation and food purchasing skills among our clients and help them build new and essential life skills through cooking classes.

This program will provide hands on food literacy education that highlights general nutrition, food safety, selection, preparation and cooking skills.

Poor dietary habits during the client’s addiction have negative impacts on several health and wellness indicators including: day-to-day wellbeing functioning; achievement and maintenance of healthy weight; proper growth and development patterns; and dental health. The Cook it up program well definitely benefit the addict/ alcoholic in transition from the treatment ranch to independent living. The cook it up! Program will give our clients the ability to make healthy food choices by having the skills and knowledge necessary to buy, grow, and cook food resulting in our goal for improving health. Food and cooking skills/food preparation are important for several reasons related to health, knowledge, empowerment, engagement, culture, food security, and fun. An engaging cooking program targeting addict and alcoholics builds self-sufficiency, food knowledge and literacy, self-confidence, and self-esteem, while improving their health.