Family Program

Family Program                                          $11,000 for a year / $900 for a month

When family members or loved ones abuse drugs or alcohol, it affects everyone they know.  Their addiction can have emotional, psychological, financial, and environmental effects on the people who care about them most.

Addiction and alcoholism are not just a matter of curing the addict or alcoholic, the family also needs to acknowledge their pain and get help.

The STEPS Family Program has been developed to provide the family with the tools and strategies that help build a foundation for long-term recovery. The program is ideal for families that have a busy work week and are unable to join any programs during the week. Presentations, workshops and counselling sessions help the families understand addiction and its impact on the family. In addition, they will learn new coping strategies and create a plan for their family member in recovery.

Program Components:

The STEPS Family Program components would include:

  • Education about addiction and family systems
  • The opportunity to learn about your own needs and how to set boundaries
  • Communication workshops and conflict resolution techniques
  • Recovery problems, solutions and learning what to expect after treatment
  • Coping strategies
  • Recovery planning and resources
  • Family counselling