Sponsor a room for a year

Sponsor a room at the Ranch       $5,000 per year

Our treatment facility is on a 20 acre property in Kettleby (north of King City).  It used to be operated as a horse ranch. Purchased by our founders in 2007, we operate at 100% occupancy.

The main residence was built in 2000 and contains 10 bedrooms.  In 2011, we built an agricultural warehouse, with loading docks to store the hay from our 10 acres, and a barn for our chickens and turkeys which our guests consume.  Every guest is expected to help with ranch duties as part of their treatment .

There are many rooms available to name:   9 single bedrooms and one double bedroom, dining room, TV lounge, games room, meeting room, exercise room, front hallway, office, family meeting area, 2 kitchens, and a laundry room.

With your donation, you will receive a plaque on the door, your name on our website, a tax receipt, and the knowledge that you are helping someone get back on their feet.

Your donation will go towards the annual upkeep of the recovery facility, such as counsellors’ salaries, food for residents, maintenance, utilities, property taxes, and insurance.

  • Room 1- The TOWNWOOD HOMES room
  • Room 2 – The ROSEHAVEN HOMES room
  • Room 3 – The DAVID HARDING room
  • Room 4 – The STRADA AGGREGATES room
  • Room 6 – AVAILABLE
  • Room 7 – AVAILABLE
  • Room 8 – AVAILABLE
  • Room 9 – AVAILABLE

Contact: Tom McConnell (416) 779-3507 or (905) 762-1551 Ext. 402