Our standards are very high. We define a successful graduate one year out as:

  • Clean and sober
  • Employed/in school/in job related activity
  • Giving back in some way/no longer “taking” from society
  • Active in their 12 Step community

There are three basic reasons for our success:

A)  We are not a profit-making venture, we are very selective with people who are accepted into our community. They must be willing and able to do that which is required to get sober, and stay sober.

B)  Unlike standard short term  treatment programs, our three month stay is long enough to reinforce new habits and establish strong connections in the local 12 Step Community.  Our approach is not about teaching someone a new way of living, it’s about showing them how to live every day, 24/7.

C) Our alumni are strongly encouraged to maintain their connection to STEPS by giving back to our community. Not only do we rely on their volunteering and support, their presence gives hope to the current guests as they can relate to them extremely well.