Place a bin on your property

Allow us to use your business, shopping mall, community centre, condo or apartment building as a donation site for our clothing collection bins.  A portion of the collected goods are given directly to our alumni;  the rest is sold to our partner retail outlets.

Each fully insured site is visited daily to ensure that the contents are collected promptly and the site is kept clean and secure.  We will also perform other duties as you require, for example cleaning up your entire parking lot.

Our collection bin program provides daily work in a safe environment for our recovering clients. Whether they are cleaning up the bin sites, sorting, loading, or unloading one of our fleet of trucks, our clients are gaining job experience by showing up for work every day and performing to the best of their abilities.

Contact: Tom McConnell  (416) 779-3507 or (905) 762-1551 Ext. 402

Testimonial from Timberlane Athletic Club

Steps Recovery has had a recycling bin on our parking lot for 12 years. As we will be closing our doors December 31st, our relationship will come to an end and they will be searching for a new home for their bin. In those 12 years, they have consistently kept their bin clean and the surrounding area free from clutter. Donating used goods became a regular part of our member’s schedule and they appreciated knowing their unwanted items went to a registered charity, with 100% of the funding going to support people actively looking for work in our community.

When we needed assistance, Steps came to help out in whatever way they could be it to move equipment or help with our outdoor court setup and take down.

I wish Steps continued success with the excellent work they are doing in our community. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Best Regards
John Ramsbottom
General Manager
T: 905.727.4252