Residential Recovery Centre

Located on our 20 acre ranch in York Region, we treat 10 guests, typically for 3 months each, in a safe and comfortable environment, for men 18 years old and above. We believe that guests must become self supporting through their own efforts.

We have a strong professional team that provides counseling tailored to the needs of each individual in a confidential and respectful manner. With many of our staff in recovery, we are able to provide quality care to our guests with empathy and understanding.

All guests must be willing to participate in all aspects STEPS Program, which includes daily chores around the ranch,  skills training, and participation in our work program and community.

We provide:

  • Private room and all meals
  • Safe and comfortable environment
  • Exercise room
  • 1:1 and group therapy sessions
  • Acupuncture and guided meditation
  • Structured recreational and leisure program
  • Fellowship with other guests
  • Access to our daily 12 Step meetings
  • Access to our 6 week Job Prep workshop

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