Recreation and Leisure Program

Recreation and Leisure Program                        $21,500 for a year / $1,800 for a month

Recreation and leisure are essential to well-being. Leisure can help to improve self-confidence, manage stress, decrease boredom and create social connections.  This program provides a variety of group opportunities to explore enjoyment, creativity, physical activity and unique adventure.

The Recreational and Leisure program at STEPS would offer our client a chance to explore recreation and leisure as a part of making and maintaining change. Participants take part in a variety of recreational and leisure activities.

The recreational program provides a chance to reconnect with creative interests and discover new ones.  These supported opportunities provide a chance to try out a specific recreation activity and experience enjoyment without the use of alcohol, or drugs.

Some of the activities that would be included in this program would be:

  • Swimming
  • Tai Chi
  • Golf
  • Team-building activities
  • Baseball
  • Bowling
  • Movie Night
  • Indoor mini putting