What We Do

What We Do
WHAT WE DO – The STEPS Program

We follow the 12 Step model of recovery because we know from personal experience how committing to this program can lead to sobriety and a better way of life.  An important part of this is becoming a fully functioning member of society.

Finding and keeping gainful employment requires life skills necessary to be a productive member of society.  For many, these skills have been neglected or never learned.  Respect for others, time management, and dealing with authority are some of the areas we address.  Everyone who comes into STEPS has to be ready and willing to work.

It starts with doing your share of chores around our Ranch – cooking, cleaning, caring for animals.  Then, over a three month stay, our tailored program moves into skills training, employment readiness, connecting to the local 12 Step Groups and volunteering in our local community.

All guests also participate in one of our fully self supporting social enterprises to gain actual work experience.

Our program breaks down into four key elements:


  • Addiction counseling
  • Training and skill development
  • Household responsibilities
  • Contribution to Community Fund required





  •  Life skills
  • Computer skills
  • Pre-Employment prep
  • Job search





  • Peer support
  • Access to computers
  • Resource library





  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous